Eleonore von Breuning

To a cetain extent it can be said that Beethoven was nearly always in love. There were many women in his life, one of the most important bing Eleonore von Breuning. She was the daughter of the family that did so much for Ludwig after his mother had died.

In the opera "Fidelio", it is no mere accident that the name of the main female character Leonora is so similar to that of his beloved young friend Eleonore.

And among the letters written by the German genious there is one dated 2nd November 1793 which opens with the charming statement: "Adorable Eleonora..."

Fršulein Jeanette D'Honrath and Fršulein Westerhold

For Beethoven these were fleeting affairs that served as a distraction from domestic difficulties and court duties. These two ladies were flirtations, which he would always remember with affection.

Magdalena Willmann

In 1975 Beethoven's feelings for this charming singer quickly turned to love. But when he told her he loved her was brutally rejected; for two reasons: "He is ugly and he is half mad."

Giulietta Giucciardi

Another of the tortured loves of the musical genius; she was a sixteen-year-old countess and one of his pupils. the immortal "Moonlight Sonate" is dedicated to her.

Josephine von Deym

A countess and widowed from 1803, Beethoven became good friends with her.

Therese Malfatti and AmŠlia Seebald

Although there is hardly any documentary evidence about these two women, several biographers have linked them with Beethoven between 1801 and 1812.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven
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