Teachers in Vienna

All his teachers from this period agree that Beethoven had a difficult personality and that his musical training was deficient in certain areas. Owing to being self-taught in Bonn, Beethoven really had to apply himself to the study of counterpoint. Ludwig himself admitted that when he studied under Haydn he had never paid a great deal of attention and for this reason he refused to be called Haydn's pupil, as he felt he did not deserve it. But in fact he owes much to Haydn, especially when it comes to style.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In 1787 Beethoven travelled to Vienna for the first time hoping to be accepted by Mozart as one of his pupils. He met the genius from Salzburg and was indeed accepted. Some biographers maintain that Beethoven never actually received instruction from Mozart. This assertions supposed by the fact that Beethoven had to go back to Germany suddenly due to the unexpected death of his mother and that he did not return to Vienna for some time. On the other hand, other biographers claim, perhaps more convincingly, that Beethoven was indeed a pupil of Mozart's but only for a period of four months and the subject studied was composition.

Joseph Haydn

In 1792 Beethoven began his studies with Haydn. These lasted three years, that is up to 1794 when Haydn moved to London. Beethoven venerated Haydn, and was the only man whom Beethoven was to bend his knee before, in order to kiss his hand.

Johann Georg Albrechtsberger

After Haydn, Beethoven continued his studies until 1795 with Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, an organist at the imperial court in Vienna. He was an outstanding teacher who made an important contribution to Beethoven's musical education.

Antonio Salieri

Mozart's old rival was also one of Beethoven's teachers. He taught him vocal comosition during the period he was studying under Albrechtsberger.

Aloys Forster

Beethoven continued his studies with this composer who was a specialist in writing scores for quartets.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven
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