Among his friends special mention must be given to Prince Lichnowsky, who had welcomed him as a guest of honour in his house. Apart from a horse and servants, Beethoven also had a string formation composed of professional musicians at his disposal. Prince Lobkowitz, who was the same age, as Beethoven became his most intimate friend.

Count Moritz, a brother of Prince Lichnowsky and Baron von Gleichenstein were also friends and patrons.

In musical circles Beethoven was friendly with the violinists Schuppanzigh and Krumpholz, the pianists Karl Czerny, Hummel, Harig and Eppingers, and the singer Kiesewetter. To his group we must add the musicians he met during his Bonn period: Wegeler, Reicha, Stephan and Lorenz von Breuning... He was also friendly with theologian Amenda. This evidence tends to suggest that despite his brusque personality Beethoven had a wide circle of friends.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Für Elise
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